Business Results

  • An innovative parts and distribution system saved $7 million in one year, reduced delivery time by 3 weeks and beat the #1 competitor in Poland.
  • A Dutch truck dealer who had cancelled all his orders was convinced to reverse his decision — saving good will and millions in lost sales.
  • Internal benchmarking saved $3 million in raw material procurement.
  • A new customer service system was developed, modifying the logistics and freight costs, which resulted in savings of over $ 1.5 million annually.
  • The supply chain went through a reeingeneering process, which resulted in a time reduction, higher efficiency and a yearly saving of $ 1 million

Team Results

  • The VP of Engineering transformed his team into a high performing team reducing development time by almost one year for a new truck that later received the Truck of the Year Award.
  • An Executive Team established a new way of behaving and communicating with one another after ARL was introduced to the team.
  • A demotivated team received an award for best Regional Performance … 1 year after ARL is introduced to their team.

Organizational Results

  • Participants in a leadership development program designed the prototype of a 360 feedback instrument that was later implemented throughout the entire organization.
  • 70% of the graduates of one leadership development program were given international assignments within one year after ‘graduation’, something that indicated their higher performance.
  • Management became more committed to shared authority, communication improved and the emerging/changing roles and responsibilities were better defined – resulting in greater clarity and efficiency.
  • A LDP changed the perspective of its CEO… “I was opposed to the program and I though leaders are born, not made. After seeing the presentations of the teams, and the way these participants have behaved I have changed my mind. The program made a significant difference to their lives.”

Results on Professional Level

  • Earned and applied many concepts and tools including, Power Planning, a unique strategic planning process.
  • Became better meeting managers.
  • Used their coaching skills; they stopped telling and supported others in discovering their own answers and solutions.

Personal Level Results

  • Research on 24 leaders from 7 different cultures and 5 leadership programs within one company, indicated that 22 out of the 24 experienced transformational learning. They became more reflective, more inclusive, more self confident, more appreciative of differences, better listeners and better learners.