This is What we Stand for


Our Mission
Our Mission is to develop and equip leaders and teams to create changes that benefit their teams, organizations, businesses, communities and our planet.​

Our Vision
Our Vision is simple: Leaders and teams who make a positive difference wherever they are.
​​​Our Values
As a company, and as  individuals we value:
  1. Accountability to our clients and our network for high quality results.
  2. Continuous Learning, the foundation of our effectiveness as coaches.
  3. Feedback that is appreciative and constructive.
  4. Ethical behavior that is open, respectful and authentic.
  5. Shared Leadership where everyone assumes 100% responsibility for our clients’ and our colleagues’ success.

Our Solutions


LIM co-creates solutions with our clients to bring our vision to life. We have three primary areas of focus:


  1. Shared Leadership: we offer a practical 6-hour workshop, Leading Teams Remotely with Shared Leadership, our HPTP (High Performing Team Process) and a tailored SLDP (Shared Leadership Development Program).

  2. Team Coaching: we offer webinars and team coaching workshops plus a state of the art TCCP (Team Coach Certification Program) that provides both a LIM certificate as well as an ICF certificate.

  3. Learning: we have identified 10 ARL® (Action Reflection Learning) Principles that serve as the ‘Intel’ inside all LIM’s offerings; we also have created the PLP® (Peer Learning Process), a simple yet very powerful process to help peers help peers.  We are developing other workshops that bring learning to life for different audiences.