Frequently Asked Questions (for TCCP only):

  • Can you register now and pay later?  The answer is “yes”


  • Is it smart to register now if you are unsure whether you can attend?  Yes, you can but it may block someone else who is sure they will attend.


  • Is there an application and what the requirements to enter the program?  Yes, there is an application and the minimum requirements for entering the program are:

    • Must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited university 

    • Must have a minimum of 5 years of service either/and or Human Resources, Organizational Development, Training or Line Management 


  • What is the cancellation policy? You can cancel and receive a full refund of the fees paid prior to 1-month before the start of the program.  There is a 50% refund for anyone who provides a 1-week notification.  There is no refund for those who give less than a 1-week notification.


  • What is the cost of the program and what is included?  The total cost for all three (3) courses (TCCP101/102; TCCP201/202 and TCCP301/302) is $6,900 USD and includes the full cost of facilitation of the program, "Gentle Interventions" and "ARL" books, meeting venue costs (as applicable), a digital handbook, and refreshments during the three (3) f2f workshops.  Personal travel and other travel expenses outside of the workshop setting are excluded.  Discounts are available for groups and for other special considerations.  Please inquire if you want to explore a discount.

  • For participants who desire enrollment in a course (e.g. TCCP101/102), the cost is $2,300 USD.  Since the pre-requisite for course enrollment is satisfactorily completion of prior courses, enrollment must be sequential.


  • What languages is this program conducted in?  Currently ONLY English.  Other languages are scheduled to be added in 2020 and beyond.  Since most of our staff are either English speaking or Spanish speaker, the next focus area will be Spanish.

TCCP -- virtual delivery


7:00 to 10:00 pm

beginning 6 May


The virtual version of LIM's TCCP is being offered in three (3) time zones (USA-New York; Geneva, Switzerland and Manila, Philippines).  When registering for this series of workshops, please specify which time zone you would like to attend.  Classes are limited to 12 people, so please register early.

TCCP -- Hybrid delivery

See detailed dates to the right


This program is availble to individuals who can attend workshops in Manila, Philippines.  The program begins on 1 April, 2020 with a 3-day face-to-face workshop.  This is followed by 3 half-day virtual session on the 16th, 23rda nd 30th of April.  The final session is scheduled for the 22nd of May.


TCCP -- traditional f2f Program

Not available at this time


Not details are available at this time



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.



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