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Shared Leadership Disciplines (SLD)


LIM advocates a concept called Shared Leadership Disciplines (SLD). It is based on experience and proven evidence that teams who share the Influence, Power and Ownership of a business, function or project have greater engagement, better results and more fun. Over the last several years we have seen this with our clients. We have written an article outlining 5 Shared Leadership Disciplines and a book is forthcoming. These 5 disciplines are empowered by LIM’s ARL® (Action Reflection Learning) principles and accompanying concepts and tools.

All our core services (which are shown below) enable SLD to come to life inside teams and organizations giving rise to the quote: Thank God It’s Today!  Every day becomes a day to learn and discover something new – an insight, a concept, a tool, a design and a colleague, friend, family member or stranger. We do not have to wait until Friday or a special day of the week; every day is special.

We help our clients replace the Pyramid Paradigm with the Shared Leadership Paradigm. Each of the 5 disciplines: Connect; Contract; Collect; Collaborate; Challenge play a part in sharing leadership with others. Everyone’s voice is heard, teams make better decisions, and everyone feels heard and involved. Like most valuable concepts this is easier said than done; however, the results are well worth the effort.

We welcome you to visit LIM’s website; meet our team; discover our services and the ARL principles that bring SLD to life. Below is a graphic that presents LIM’s SLD:

SL Picture for Home Page.png

We know how to help you Share Leadership inside your teams and organizations so you can find solutions to the following Team, Organizational & Business Challenges:  


  • Build Shared Leadership Competences

  • Develop Team Coaches

  • Develop Global Leaders

  • Empower Teams

  • Align Cultural and Organizational Differences

  • Navigate Transitions

  • Reduce Costs and Increase Revenues



LIM has certified LIM and ICF coaches around the world. We work virtually and face to face.


We provide four core services and they all support our goal of developing leaders and teams.  

High Performing Team Program (HPTP)     

Leadership Development Program


Executive Coaching

Team Coach Certification Program® (TCCP)

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Additional Specialty Workshops are listed under the Solutions tab 

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We know how to CONNECT LEARNING with real needs, and so we help you find Solutions to your Organizational & Business Challenges.  

​Reducing Cost

 Increasing Revenue

Enpowering Teams

Navigating Transitions

 Cultural Misalignment

 Transformational Change