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As a company, and as individuals we value:

  • Accountability to our clients and our network for high-quality results.

  • Continuous Learning, the foundation of our effectiveness as coaches.

  • The feedback is appreciative and constructive.

  • Ethical behavior that is open, respectful, and authentic.

  • Shared Leadership where everyone assumes 100% responsibility for our clients’ and our colleagues’ success.

LIM is a leader in Shared Leadership Disciplines (SLD) using Action Reflection Learning. 

We know how to help you Share Leadership inside your teams and organizations so you can find solutions to the following Team, Organizational & Business Challenges:  


  • Build Shared Leadership Competences

  • Develop Team Coaches

  • Develop Global Leaders

  • Empower Teams

  • Align Cultural and Organizational Differences

  • Navigate Transitions

  • Reduce Costs and Increase Revenues


LIM has certified LIM and ICF coaches around the world. We work virtually and face to face.

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