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Engaging Meetings with SLD

28 October 2021
8:00 am to 9:30 am SGT





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The way to hold more engaging & shorter meetings using Shared Leadership Disciplines

Countering the top 3 meeting challenges:

1) Spending too much and not productive

2) Not hearing all voices

3) Lack decisions & follow-up

Many leaders and employees are spending more and more time in meetings. Many as much as 70% to 80% of their work-day are in meetings.


And many people attending meetings are not engaged.


Why?  What can we do to make meetings more engaging, more effective and take less time?

What you can learn & take away from this complimentary webinar:


  • Experience at least 5 tools that you can use immediately in your meetings

  • Learn the power of Shared Leadership DisciplinesTM 

  • You can make your meetings engaging, short and fun

  • A 100 questions check-in guide to make your meetings more fun

  • A Meeting Management Guide for more productive meetings

Who should attend:

  • All leaders who want to lead better 

  • HR, OD, L&D

  • Coaches, consultants, facilitators

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