Team Coach Certification Program
2021-2022 Calendar (English)

Note: Cohort 23 (China); Cohort 25 (Spanish)

Team Coach Certification Program Cohort 

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Team Coach Certification Program Cohort 21 (Philippines)

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Team Coach Certification Program Cohort 22

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Team Coach Certification Program Cohort 24

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Level 1 


6 Sessions

7 Sept - 16 Nov 2021

7-10 pm Singapore Time

Level 2 


6 Sessions

11 Jan - 22 Mar 2022

7-10 pm Singapore Time

Level 3 

6 Sessions

12 Apr - 21 June 2022


7-10 pm Singapore Time




Levels 1-3 

28 Jan 2022 - Sept 2022

This is a Philippine LOCAL program.



for more information!




Level 1 


6 Sessions

10 Mar - 26 May 2022

7-10 pm Singapore Time

Level 2 

6 Sessions

16 Jun - 25 Aug 2022

7-10 pm Singapore Time


Level 3 

6 Sessions

15 Sep - 24 Nov 2022

7-10 pm Singapore Time



Level 1 


6 Sessions

13 Sep -- 22 Nov 2022

7-10 pm Singapore Time

Level 2 

6 Sessions

6 Dec 2022 -- 28 Feb 2023

7-10 pm Singapore Time

Level 3 

6 Sessions

14 Mar -- 23 May 2023


7-10 pm Singapore Time

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The cost per level is $1800
An "early bird" and/or "2 or more persons" discount is available for those who register not later than 1 week before the start of a new level.  The discounted price is $1600/person pricing.

Register above for the program you are interested in attending.  Levels 2 and 3 are only open to those individuals who have completed the preceding Levels.

A description of the TCCP is shown below.

Who is this Team Coaching Program for?

  • Managers and Team Leaders

  • Human Resource Professionals

  • Talent Management Professionals

  • Learning and Development Professionals

  • OD Professionals

  • Consultants

  • Coaches and Facilitators

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LIM offers you the opportunity to launch a career as a Team Coach, through its ICF Certified Team Coach Certification Program. In three sequenced Levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced, the completion provides you an ICF accredited Certificate as an ACSTH and 63.75 CCEs (Continuing Coach Education units).  With each individual Level, you earn 20.5, 21.25, and 22 CCEs respectively, completing a total of 63.75 CCEs.


5 reasons WHY be a Shared Leadership Coach with LIM


  1. Learn from the creator of Shared Leadership Disciplines (SLD) and Action Reflection Learning® with 25 years of history grooming team coaches globally, with the first cohort in 1996 with Coca Cola

  2. Learn 4 key coaching & consulting skills in ONE program —a) coach teams b) coach individuals c) coach peers and d) consulting

  3. Build a higher-performing shared leadership culture with your team & clients for stronger impact & ROI  

  4. Demonstrate ICF team coaching competencies effectively with more than 35 Just-In-Time & proven know-how

  5. Support your ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) application with ICF ACSTH of 63.75 core competency hours and 10 hours of mentoring (which is a bonus to the TCCP)

Start today your journey to become a Certified Shared Leadership Coach!




  • Incorporate a powerful Tool Kit for coaching any type of teams

  • Immediate application of new processes and concepts on your job

  • Role model-new effective team  behaviors 

  • Influence others and bring change into your organization

  • Effectively coach teams to make a measurable impact on the bottom line

  • Take your facilitation and meeting management skills to the next level

  • Discover the simplicity and power of Peer Learning and its multiple applications

  • Try out what you learn and receive feedback from the facilitators/coaches

  • Start your journey towards becoming a Certified Team Coach -- known as a Shared Leadership Coach (SLC) in LIM

  • Receive an e-Book of “Gentle Interventions for Team Coaching” by E. Turner

  • Receive a digital "Shared Leadership Disciplines (SLD) Toolkit"

LIM’s Team Coach Certification Program (TCCP) Foundation Level helps participants acquire the fundamental principles, concepts, and tools to help any team become a higher-performing team. 


Participants will learn from and with their peers as well as their LIM Coach in a very dynamic set of learning experiences. Upon return to their company or consulting practice they will be able to utilize their new skills and apply concepts and tools to strengthen their professional role. 


Gaining Competence, Confidence, and Credibility


You are READY for the NEXT STEP!

LIM’s Team Coach Certification Program (TCCP) Intermediate Level takes participants to the next level in their professional development as a Team Coach. The Focus of this Course is on DESIGN and SHARED LEADERSHIP.


Always designed following the Action Reflection Learning® principles, participants practice the role a Team Coach, receiving feedback and feed-forward from their team, their Mentor and the Learning Coaches facilitating the sessions. Participants learn new tools to refine their resources when with a real team; they learn the key elements of a High Performing Team, they learn the strategies and techniques to convert a difficult conversation into a learning conversation,  and explore the power of Gentle Interventions. 

Upon return to their company or consulting practice they will be able to utilize their new skills and apply concepts and tools to strengthen their professional role. 


If you found your Foundations Level valuable, take this next step. Continue your professional development registering in TEAM COACHING Intermediate Level  program.


Moving to Mastery: Design, Delivery, Mindset

You are ONE STEP away from being a Certified Shared Leadership Coach (SLC)!

LIM’s Team Coach Certification Program (TCCP) Advanced Level provides participants the necessary practice and mentoring to refine their Team Coaching Skills.

Practice, practice, practice.... Nothing better than the opportunity to practice the unexpected challenging situations of real team scenarios, to hone your Team Coaching skills! In the Advanced Level participants will complete their Professional Coaching Toolkit and delve into the complexities and benefits of Shared Leadership, a key approach for higher performing teams. In this Course, participants will explore in depth ICF competencies applied to Team Coaching.

Enroll in this final LEVEL and work on real coaching assignments, where you will be scored. Receive refined mentoring and Just in Time feedback - and feed-forward into a professional career that makes a difference.

Are you ready for your LAST STEP?

Earn your final 22 CCEs to complete a total of 63.75 CCEs and become your ICF recognized Team Coaching Certificate! (ACSTH)




“Having worked on the business side and the learning & development side for over 15 years, I have experienced different interventions from both angles.   LIM’s TCCP is different.  In particular, I am impressed the most on how LIM links the interventions to business results.   Overall, I believe that its works and the underlying principles (e.g. Just-in-time learning) would be the way forward for the learning & development industry.” David Yau, Learning & Development, Standard Chartered Bank China


“Our LIM coach demonstrated a perfect team coach “soft-push” approach. He continuously guided us, a group of young company internal coaches, to engage and enjoy the coaching journey. In the busy and fast changing business world we gradually learned to stop, reflect and find the group wisdom. The ARL (learning methodology) as well as the tools are not that complicated and fancy but hold a lot of subtlety of human and team nature. I personally think this is one of the best coaching programs in China.”  Linda Yuan, former HR Business Partner, AstraZeneca China

"Introduced to Action Reflection Learning five years ago, I have since and many times witnessed the astonishing impact that these amazingly simple 10 principles have on team coaching and team development. From my experience, either in small groups or large multicultural, international teams, it works. "Gentle Interventions for Team Coaching: Little things that make a big difference" is a masterpiece illustrating once again very simple but massively impactful principles that I can and will apply in my everyday life as a leader."  Laurent F Hennequin, Head of Department – Galderma


“I have worked with LIM with a number of different leadership teams. In the arena of team coaching, LIM is an undoubted master.”  Robin White, SVP of People at Mailchimp 

“LIM’s simple yet powerful insights are also very practical to build strong, effective teams across geographic and functional boundaries.”  Ramesh Subrahmanian, former Stryker Corp, Group President, International.

 “When LIM came to work with me and my team in the Andean Region, we had one mission: Align a multicultural, multifunctional team of managers from 4 different countries and 6 different nationalities. Gentle Interventions is the best summary of our experience. Besides ‘gentle’ I would eventually, add two more adjectives: powerful and long-lasting.”  Henning von Koss - Former President for Bayer in the Andean Region 

“LIM has a truly insightful approach to tackle the challenges that impact all types of teams! LIM’s techniques for breaking down the barriers to real conversations are critical for any team striving for high performance.”  Mary Alice Dwyer, PharmD, former VP, Global Medical Excellence, AstraZeneca

"My exposure to LIM dates back to the 1990's. Like good wine, the ARL approach just gets better with time. You'll keep coming back for inspiration."  Grace Nakar, Enterprise Program Manager for Diversity & Inclusion, major U.S. financial services enterprise 


 “I have been experiencing the power of LIM’s coaching tools and concepts for over a decade. They really work. If you coach teams, or if you are a member of a team that needs improvement, they will change your life.” Charles J. Palus, Ph.D, Senior Faculty, The Center for Creative Leadership.


“LIM engages both the head and heart with a wonderful ability to connect with people of diverse cultures.” Charles Quah, Former Deputy Director, Learning & Organizational Development, Jurong Health Services Pte Ltd, Singapore


“I really appreciate LIM’s systematic methodologies in team coaching and management. Our team has benefited so much during the process of maturing and development.” Li Zhengqing, VP MSD China R&D


“LIM’s approach to team coaching has the power to influence many people in the organization. Once a small group of people master it, people start coaching others spontaneously and trigger a positive spiral in the organization to grow further by themselves.” Yasushi Matsuo VP, Head of R&D Japan AZ