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   About our Shared Leadership Team Coaching Academy

Enabling team coaches to bring out the best in organizations, teams and people using Shared Leadership Disciplines® and Action Reflection Learning®.
To be the Center of Excellent in Shared Leadership and Team Coaching


LIM is the originator of Shared Leadership Disciplines® and Action-Reflection-Learning Principles® with more than 35 years of experience co-designing, delivering and equipping clients with Shared Leadership & Team Coaching principles, skills and tools.

The Shared Leadership Team Coaching Academy is re-named from its predecessor, the ARL Academy which was established since 2008.


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A Brief Overview of our Targeted Offerings

TCCP -- for Aspiring Coaches (Click here to learn more)

Aspiring Coach Pathway: If you are new to coaching and aspiring to be a credentialed coach with ICF, you will complete the 2 Team Coaching Modules as well as attend 3 Individual Coaching Modules. These 5 Modules will enable you to attain the ICF Level 1 certificate, which is a prerequisite for your Associate Certified Coach (ACC) application.

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TCCP -- Certified Coaches (Click here to learn more)

If you are already a certified coach, you can expand your skills to become a Certified Shared Leadership Team Coach by completing 2 Team Coaching Modules.


Group Coach Supervision (Click here to learn more)


If you are interested in pursuing ICF's newly recognized credential in team coaching (Advanced Certification in Team Coaching -- ACTC), you will need to obtain a minimum of five (5coach supervision training.


Group Coach Mentoring (Click here to learn more)

If you are pursuing or renewing an ICF credential in coaching, you will need 10 hours of mentoring.  This program offers seven (7) hours of group mentoring along with three (3) hours of individual mentoring.

Leading Hybrid Teams (Click here to learn more)

This course is intended to address the growing need for leaders and consultants/coaches, who support those leaders in managing teams that work virtually in many cases.


Why Become a Certified Shared Leadership Team Coach?

The purpose of the Team Coach Certification Program (TCCP®) is to develop more versatile Shared Leadership Team Coaches who can partner and empower individuals and teams to become even more effective, thereby creating & sustaining a better world. The TCCP® is an approved accredited program by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). It equips Coaches with Shared Leadership and Action-Reflection-Learning (ARL®) principles, processes and tools for the real world of work. The TCCP® is also one of the approved team coaching programs necessary for the ICF’s new “Advanced Certificate In Team Coaching” credential application. Leadership In Motion (LIM) LLC has a long history of conducting team coach certification training. The first TCCP was conducted in 1996. Over the years, LIM has groomed and nurtured hundreds of team coaches in the commercial, governmental and not-for-profit sectors.

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