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We are working on several initiatives that we believe will reshape how we support our client work.  Some of these will be published and made available to the public but others will be available by subscription only.

Digitized processes and Library

Reactivation of our Newsletter

LIM has over 30 years of a rich history of learning.  Much has been written about Action Reflection Learning and yet much is still in the minds of the founding partners. We are working to capture and digitize this incredible wealth of knowledge and make it available to more people.  The Team Coach Certification Program (which is approved by the International Coach Federation) was the first step in collecting and sharing this knowledge.  Stay tuned!.

Are you someone who enjoyed our periodic newsletters with thought-provoking articles? Our plan is to relaunch our LIM Newsletter.  Many of you looked forward to receiving the newsletter and it provided a connection for those who have been growing in knowledge along with us.

Sustainable Leaders Development

A LIM team is actively building on the research and  work of LIM partner Isabel Rimanoczy and we launched the new Sustainable Leaders Development Program.  The program focuses on development the new sustainability mindset requried to face creatively and effectively the environmental and social challenges business is increasingly exposed to. Sustainability has become a new strategic imperative and leadership competency! Find out more here

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