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The MiL Institute European Alliance

In addition to the LIM’s presence in Asia and Latin America, we have a strong ally in Europe, the MiL Institute, and suggest you visit its website to learn about the services offered. The MiL Institute was founded in Sweden in 1977 by 30 corporations and 30 academicians, consultants, and practitioners in a co-development process led by Lennart Rohlin. Today MiL has well over 100 member corporations, among them ABB, Adtranz, AkzoNobel, Avesta Sheffield, Ericsson, IKEA International, ITT Flygt, Pharmacia& Upjohn, SEB, Skandia, SKF, Telia, Tetra Pak International, Volvo and Volvo Cars, and about the same number of European professional associates.

The Institute’s basic values, concepts and perspectives are described in the book “Strategic Leadership in the Learning Society” (Rohlin et al., MiL Publishers, 1998). MiL Institute has contributed significantly to the birth and robust growth of LIM, and has generously shared its learning and broad experience in ARL® technology with us ever since our founding in 1987.We have worked alongside MiL learning coaches in executive development programs and participate in the annual MiL Day meetings held in Sweden each summer.
MiL Institute

Win-Win Agreements
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