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  • Sales Workshop: This is for Sales Teams who are interested in understanding what they do when they are at their best.

  • Consulting Workshop: LIM has developed an approach to consulting that we use with all our work.

  • Organizational Alignment: We help organizations become learning organizations knowing that when an organization stops learning it will soon stop earning.


  • Performance to Profits: This workshop helps clients address real business and organizational challenges while learning what drives peak performance and what erodes it.


  • Crisis Workshop: This two-day workshop is designed to help a team, functional or cross-functional group address a real organization or business crisis.


  • Engagement Workshop: This one-day workshop is based on the notion that if an organization could increase the level of engagement for all employees by just a little bit it would have a dramatic impact on the bottom line.


  • Peer Learning: This half-day workshop provides theory and practice on a very simple yet powerful learning process that gives an individual an opportunity to ask for Help and receive it in a non-defensive environment.


  • Moon Shot: This 1.5-day workshop is designed to help any company’s leadership team stretch beyond what they think is possible in terms of their financial targets.


  • Diversity & Inclusion Workshop: This 1-day workshop will help a cross-section of any company tap into its own inner sense of what needs to happen within their company in the arena of Diversity and Inclusion


  • Learning Retreat: This 1.5-Day retreat is designed for corporate, governmental and community leaders who simply need to step out of their busy day-to-day activities and get centered and connected with other leaders – addressing common issues and questions that concern them

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