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Sustainability/Social Responsibility/Stewardship

Issue 152 Apr 2013

Nature as Teacher - This month we ask the question -- "how can we (humans)  learn from nature to minimize our impact on the planet?"


Issue 151 Mar 2013

When B Corporations Get an A - This month we review how challenges (environmental, social, financial and values) can inspire you to ponder a Plan B, which may better address stakeholder needs in a responsible way.


Issue 150 Feb 2013

Bringing Meaning to Work - This month review the challenges of engaging employees and remaining competitive when "money" is no longer the primary motivator.

Issue 144

The Age of Transparency - Isabel Rimanoczy reflects on the latest issue of CR-Magazine, a publication that is playing a major role in shaping the ethical landscape of the U.S. corporate world.

Issue 138

CHANGING THE WORLD, ONE LEADER AT A TIME - The world can become a better place, the place we dream of. It is possible, and it only takes one person to change: one's self. To make this point, we're sharing with you an article by Dr. Wayne Visser, a thought leader in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Issue 136

FROM MASS CONSUMERISM TO MASS CHANGE: HOPE FOR SUSTAINABLE CONSUMPTION - This month, we feature two blog posts of Caren Holzman, London Director of the organization Sustainability.

Issue 133

THE CORPORATE SOCIAL CONTRACT - An article by author Simon Mainwaring, which shines a light on the opportunities we all have to shape the world we want.

Issue 129

SAVE THE WORLD, NOT THE PLANET - Sophie Constance, a leader in the field of "societal management" and its integration with corporate strategy, shares an interesting take on saving the planet.


Issue 127

BIOSPHERE AND BUSINESS - We share with you in this issue reflections and perspectives about the Biosphere and its connections with business.


Issue 126

SUSTAINABILITY LEXICON - Today the term  "sustainability" has become more accepted, but also its interpretations have multiplied, and numerous other terms and acronyms are emerging daily. Here's a little Sustainability Lexicon.


Issue 124 December 2010

THE SUSTAINABILITY MINDSET - Isabel Rimanoczy discusses the concept of a sustainability mindset.


Issue 121 September 2010

GAVIOTAS: VILLAGE OF HOPE - This month we are sharing with you the story of a Colombian town in midst of the savannah, that began forty years ago to develop a different kind of life — a sustainable one. The story is told from the perspective of two US American social entrepreneurs.


Issue 120

SUSTAINABILITY MEANS TRANSFORMING OURSELVES - Professor Chris M. Bache's article offers that the challenge of transforming ourselves into a truly sustainable civilization will be the defining global challenge of the twenty-first century.


Issue 118

DEVELOPING SUSTAINABILITY-MINDED LEADERS - Tony Pearson captures some of content of LIM's webinar on the topic, underscoring and the need for organizations to pay attention to developing the mindsets and competencies in those who will lead this change effort.

Issue 115

THE BUSINESS OATH - We may have reached a tipping point where we collectively say "enough", and we are changing the rules of the game.  Read this month's issue to find out why.

Issue 112

THE SUSTAINABLE FOOD LAB: AN INTERVIEW WITH HAL HAMILTON - The Founder and Director Hal Hamilton introduces the Sustainable Food Lab, a partnership organization that brings together leading corporations in the food industry, with NGOs and government, with the purpose of jointly addressing the big world problems of poverty and environmental impact.

Issue 108

AN HISTORIC MILESTONE: THE SUSTAINABILITY INDEX -Walmart has unveiled its Sustainability Index, a project that has been in the works for over a year, involving industry, academics, environmentalists, NGOs and government. From this dialogue and hard work an initiative emerged that has been described as "huge", "audacious", "shaking the world", to name a few adjectives used in comments in the media.


Issue 107

BUSINESS AS AN AGENT OF WORLD BENEFIT - Isabel Rimanoczy reports on the Global Forum 2009 of BAWB — Business as an Agent for World Benefit, held in June at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio (USA).

Issue 104

CRISIS AND SUSTAINABILITY: DOES HR HAVE A ROLE? - This month's issue is dedicated to HR professionals as they stand at the crossroads of a global economic crisis and a planetary emergency. The surprise: there is a role for them to play, one that they may have never been anticipated, and one waiting for them to take on.

Issue 95

HOW MANY EARTH DAYS DO WE HAVE LEFT? -  A thought-provoking and action-inspiring interview with Lester Brown, author of Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization and described as "one of the world's most influential thinkers." This interview, conducted by Terrence McNally, was first published on April 22, 2008 in, an online news magazine that aims to inspire citizen action and advocacy on the environment, human rights and civil liberties, social justice, media, and health care issues.

Issue 91

GREENOPOLIS: THE BIRTH OF THE GREEN VILLAGE - Joe Laur, Vice President for Content,, explains and describes the revolutionary initiative called Greenopolis - the Green City!

Issue 86

CSR: A NEW PERSPECTIVE FOR THE HR ROLE - At a recent conference dedicated to corporate responsibility topics, presenters repeatedly mentioned the key role of visionary leaders, of developing a CSR culture within the organization, of getting managers and employees on board, of creating the required engagement across multiple constituencies, of the need to develop talent to support the new business needs. And yet, as I scrolled down the list of 236 participants, I was not able to locate a single one from HR, OD or training and development areas. That was the trigger for this article, in which I'm addressing the absent colleagues.

Issue 84 – August 2007

FACING REALITIES: GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS - Continuing with our series of articles dedicated to the topic of corporate social responsibility launched in 2006, we are sharing with our readers another milestone: the second Leaders Summit organized by United Nations Global Compact, held in Geneva on July 5 and 6, 2007, representing the largest and most significant event to date on the topic of leadership and corporate citizenship.

Issue 76 – December 2006

THE SUSTAINABILITY REVOLUTION - LIM's mission is to develop global leaders. But global leaders today have new demands and challenges compared to those that they had a decade ago. This is the second in a series of articles, exploring the different perspectives and challenges involving the role of leaders and organizations in building a better world.

Issue 69 – May 2006

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY  - The need for corporate social responsibility is perhaps the most important revolution since the Industrial Revolution. If we consider the economic, social and environmental impact of decisions in a globalized world, nothing comparable has ever existed in human history in terms of wide scope and significance.

Leadership and Team Tools

Issue 114

WHAT IS IN YOUR BACKPACK? - This month's issue reflects on what we build our identity on. Food for thought, and you're invited to participate in this exercise.


Issue 113

TIME FOR LOOKING BACK TO LOOK FORWARD - LIM News Editor Isabel Rimanoczy shares an exercise that can help you in looking back and looking forward.

Issue 81 – May 2007

STORYTELLING - AN INTERVIEW WITH EXPERT JO TYLER - An interview with Storytelling expert Jo Tyler. She shares with us how storytelling is alive in organizations and how it can help us to better understand their strengths and opportunities.

Issue 80 – April 2007

GIVING AND ASKING FOR FEEDBACK: A PROCESS TO CONNECT WITH OTHERS -Much has been said and written about feedback, still one of the most needed, and difficult, skills to acquire. Our Brazilian colleague, Boris Drizin, shares his recommendations and tips about giving and seeking feedback.

Issue 68 – April 2006

REFLECTION  - We are sharing with you this month a tool that can help you find your way around the paradoxes, with which we have to deal. It is called Reflection.

Issue 67 – March 2006

FEEDBACK  - This month, we shine the light on giving feedback, one of our communication challenges.

Issue 61 -- September 2005

MAKING IMPLEMENTABLE DECISIONS - Decisions are able to generate enthusiasm, focus, and certainty but also frustration, anger, disenchantment, aggressive or passive reactions. Who can feel comfortable making a decision in the face of such a wide spectrum of possible consequences? In this issue we present a process - the Fist Five - to improve the quality of decisions and to ease their implementation.

Issue 44 -- April 2004

OPEN SPACE TECHNOLOGY - Can you imagine a daylong meeting, with a large group, without any motivational speaker not even a facilitator, without a set agenda, where everyone is only working on what he/she has a passion for, where there are no obligations for anyone, where the atmosphere is like a huge coffee break, and where people discuss and share ideas under no pressure?

Issue 36 -- August 2003

TIME MANAGEMENT: The Art of the Effective Use of Time - The amount of time available in a day is the same for everyone. Some just make better use of their twenty-four hours than others.

Issue 32 -- April 2003

PAUSE AND REFLECT, Selected Extracts from The Tao at Work, by Stanley M. Herman

Shared Leadership Development

Issue 138*

CHANGING THE WORLD, ONE LEADER AT A TIME - The world can become a better place, the place we dream of. It is possible, and it only takes one person to change: one's self. To make this point, we're sharing with you an article by Dr. Wayne Visser, a thought leader in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Issue 122 October 2010

SHARED LEADERSHIP - This month LIM President Ernie Turner shares in an interview his very pragmatic way to developing shared leadership.

Issue 82 – June 2007

WHERE HAVE ALL OUR LEADERS' HEARTS GONE? - Executive Coach and author Dr. Sharon Lamm shares her reflections about leaders living more integral lives – and challenges to connect the mind with the heart.

Issue 73 – September 2006

NEW RULES OF THE GAME - NEW LEADERSHIP CHALLENGES - We take a closer look at some rules in American corporate life - and the impact that a generation of "celebrity CEOs" has had on the leadership practices. Taking one step further, we reflect on the new rules of the game and what these mean for the development of leadership profiles.

Issue 59 -- July 2005

THE NEW MANAGEMENT PROFILE: The Leader Coach - In the mid '90s, LIM started developing a new profile: The Leader Coach, which combines the leadership role with the role of a coach.


Issue 57 -- May 2005

As Close As HR Can Get To The Business  -  An interview with Dr. José Maria Zas, General Manager of American Express Argentina.


Issue 55 -- March 2005

Stop Teaching Leadership - An interview with author, Joe Raelin.


Issue 54 -- February 2005

Developing People - Development of people is more than going to training classes.


Issue 53 -- January 2005

Leadership Purpose - An interview with Dr. Sharon Lamm, her definition of Leadership; Purpose and Insights she has discovered.

Issue 49 -- September 2004

Trends in Talent Management - This month an interview with Lynne Morton, Principal, Performance Improvement Solutions and Research Consultant to The Conference Board NY shares with us her findings about Trends in Talent Management.


Issue 48 -- August 2004

Alpha Females - In your last issue, you showed how alpha males are defined by their success, leading position, high performance expectation toward them and others. You describe them as having plenty of vision and drive, they are pushers and data-driven, action-oriented ?


Issue 47 -- July 2004

Threatening Leaders - Would you be surprised to hear that 70% of all senior executives respond to a similar profile: highly confident, intelligent, successful and matching the "alpha" pattern? What is the "alpha male"?


Issue 46 -- June 2004

Developing Leaders for the Next Step - In many corporations the HR Department has radically expanded the complexity of its function into a number of separate divisions and roles: OD, Training, Knowledge Management Learning & Development, Competencies, Performance Management, Succession Planning, Talent Management, Organizational Effectiveness, Life-Work Program, HR Strategic Planning, Executive Development, Leadership and Team Development, Professional Development, Coaching, HR Business Partners...

Issue 41 -- January 2004

Experiences of Vivien Pau - LIM's Managing Director, Asia Pacific

Issue 5 -- November 1998

About Transitions

Team Development

Issue 148 Dec 2012

COACHING FOR CHANGE - This month we interview Simona David-Crisbasanu, initiator and coordinator of the Zburd-Education Through Coaching Project.

Issue 132

EMPLOYEES MATTER - This month we are thrilled to share excerpts of a study conducted by the SJF Institute, profiling 24 exemplary corporations where employees do matter, in very concrete and visible ways.

Issue 123 November 2010

ADDRESSING CUSTOMER INTIMACY CHALLENGES: A SALES FORCE WORKSHOP - In this article, Ruby Palma, LIM Associate based in Manila, Philippines, reviews the rationale, design and implementation of an Action Reflection Learning-based workshop for a global pharmaceutical company.

Issue 105

WHEN MERGERS MERGE PEOPLE: THE STORY OF AN EMERGING TEAM - We share with you a story of a team that was able to navigate these white waters with wisdom, efficiency and learning, coming out stronger as a result.

Issue 83 – July 2007

INCREASING WORKFORCE ENGAGEMENT: THE NEW FRONTIER- So what keeps individuals engaged with their work? Ernie Turner shares with us some reflections emerging from his experience on this topic.

Issue 39 -- November 2003

Developing High Performing Teams using Action Reflection Learning - by Ernie Turner - Isabel Rimanoczy

Most of us are members of several teams. In fact, a good portion of our working time is spent in team meetings leaving little time for "real work". So building, leading and maintaining high performing teams is vital to accomplishing our business objectives as well as improving organizational productivity and enhancing our self-esteem.


Issue 38 -- October 2003

Groups, Teams and Boundaries - Interaction is all there is" says the social scientist John Law. When coaching teams and solving problems and conflicts in groups I have found it most convenient and practical to look for remedies and openings not in systems and procedures, but in relationships.

Issue 33 -- May 2003

Better Teams - Do you ever think that your team meetings are a waste of time? Do you wish you had other people on your team? Do you think that you can solve issues faster or better on your own?

Issue 21 -- May 2002

Do you work in a virtual team? Challenges and Lessons to make it work

Issue 19 -- March 2002

Dialogue at the United Nations

Facilitating Learning

Issue 137

WHEN MISTAKES ARE BRILLIANT - In the spirit of learning of our own experience, we're sharing an interview with author Paul Schoemaker about his new book Brilliant Mistakes (Wharton Digital Press, Nov 2011).

Issue 115*

THE BUSINESS OATH - We may have reached a tipping point where we collectively say "enough", and we are changing the rules of the game.  Read this month's issue to find out why.

Issue 103

OPTIMIZING LEARNING - In this issue we explore what lies at the foundation of un-engaging conversations and failed training sessions.

Issue 93

ACTION LEARNING: PRACTICES, PROBLEMS & PROSPECTS - This issue features an extract of the first International Action Learning Conference, held at the Henley Management College, in the UK, a few weeks ago.


Issue 92

ACTION REFLECTION LEARNING IN ACTION: WORKING ON CRITICAL BUSINESS CHALLENGES WHILE DEVELOPING LEADERS - Action Reflection Learning has been used for decades in the design and implementation of all kind of learning interventions. One typical instance is as the underlying methodology to develop an organization's leaders, while they work on real challenges that require action. This month we are featuring an interview with Learning Coach Nancy Rehbine, PhD, who conducted such a program in a large retail organization in Puerto Rico.


Issue 90

ACTION LEARNING & ACTION REFLECTION LEARNING - Our book Action Reflection Learning: Solving Real Business Problems by Connecting Learning with Earning will be out in February. As we talk about it, we have heard over and over the same question: What is the difference between Action Learning and ARL? Is there any difference? Is it just a branding issue? So we decided to address this question in this month's article.

Issue 85 – September 2007

UNDERSTANDING ACTION LEARNING: AN INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR DR. JUDY O'NEIL - In this issue we interviewed Dr. Judy O'Neil, co-author with Prof. Victoria Marsick of their newly released book Understanding Action Learning.

Issue 72 – August 2006

A SYSTEMIC PERSPECTIVE FOR LASTING LEARNING - Why doesn't learning last? What learning should last? Is it easier for some learning to last while other learning doesn't? And how can we design programs that increase the chances for lasting learning? These are the questions that we explore in this issue.

Issue 71 – July 2006

LEARNING ORGANIZATIONS: FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE - We explore the meaning, challenges and practices of learning organizations with our guest, Jonelle Rodericks, OD specialist and Global Change Management Consultant at Hoffmann-La Roche, New Jersey, USA.

Issue 70 – June 2006

ACTION REFLECTION LEARNING - The history behind ARL, the Scandinavian origins, the evolution of the model from a leadership development design to an adult learning methodology that can be applied to a variety of learning interventions.

Issue 64 -- December 2005

WAYS TO DESIGN FOR AND MINE INCIDENTAL LEARNING - This month, Ernie Turner addresses the topic of "Incidental Learning", what it is, how we can design for it in order to capture the gold nuggets from daily learning opportunities.

Issue 50 -- October 2004

Learning That Lasts - This article recaps conversations with clients and colleagues about this question when discussing leadership development and team development. Hear what has been done to support individuals to go from awareness to sustainable changed behavior.

Issue 42 -- February 2004

Action Reflection Learning in Thailand - Defying Cultural Differences - Excerpt of a case published in "Action Learning and Action Research" (*). The chapter describes an ARL™ experience with the Thailand-based executive team of a multinational company. The CEO, the only Western executive, who had spent three years in that function, had been appointed CEO in another country. He was interested in...

Issue 23 -- July 2002

The Power of a Vision

Issue 12 -- August 2001

Global Forum on Action Learning - Melbourne Australia

Issue 9 -- May 2000

The New Learning

Issue 3 -- February 1998

At the center of ARL™ - Reflection

Spiritual and Cultural Awareness/Sensitivity

Issue 149 Jan 2013

The Great Community of Earth - This month review the words of Thomas Berry made at a special event held during the UN World Peace Summit for Religious and Spiritual Leaders in August 2000.

Issue 139

THE BENEFITS OF GRATITUDE - How can we make our life lighter (without escaping on a retreat or a vacation)? Try gratitude, is what author Ocean Robbins says.

Issue 134

THE GREEN BELT MOVEMENT - This month we're honoring a woman who chose hope, and acted on that belief. On September 25, 2011 Kenyan Nobel Peace Laureate, Dr. Wangari Muta Maathai, left this planet and left us with a lot to learn.

Issue 110

FAST TIMES, SLOW TIMES - Longing for quiet and calm? This month we bring you an interview by Victor-M. Amela with Moussa Ag Assarid, a journalist and member of the Touareg tribe in Africa. Will his vastly different viewpoint resonate with you too?

Issue 99

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE - A thought-provoking, true story about a meeting which changed lives.

Issue 89

THE STORY OF STEVE - A fictional story which might inspire not in the "what" to achieve, but in the "how". And perhaps the real goal is not the end goal, but the journey.

Issue 66 – February 2006

BOUNDARY CROSSINGS - This article gives some personal guidelines that can help when doing work across national cultures.

Issue 60 -- August 2005

Divided Lives - Author Parker J. Palmer describes how we live "divided lives", and the toll we are paying for that.  This article is extracted from his book, "The Hidden Wholeness". Also included is a comment by one of LIM's coaches, Dr. Camille Preston, whose work is focused on developing trusting relationships in the workplace.

Issue 40 -- December 2003

The Searcher - or Reviewing What Matters Most - by Jorge Bucay.  This is the story of a man who I would define as a searcher. A searcher is a person who searches, but does not necessarily find anything.  Nor it is someone who necessarily knows what he is looking for. It is simply someone who takes life itself as a search.

Issue 31 -- March 2003

Searching for Wise Questions - Questions have unsung power.  They focus our attention...

Issue 25 -- September 2002

Large Group Interventions

Issue 18 -- February 2002

Emotional Intelligence - We can be wiser

Issue 15 -- November 2001

What can "I" do? (Special Edition)


Issue 148 Dec 2012

COACHING FOR CHANGE - This month we interview Simona David-Crisbasanu, initiator and coordinator of the Zburd-Education Through Coaching Project.

Issue 145

A COACHING CONVERSATION - This month we are offering you the opportunity to "peek" into a real coaching session. The coach is Ruby Palma, Manager of LIM Philippines.


Issue 143

TRANSFORMATION FROM FAMILY BUSINESS TO EFFECTIVE GLOBAL ENTERPRISE - LIM Partner Ronald Waugh shares the insides of a case, showing how a Team Coaching intervention, through a series of leadership development and team development programs, can be the avenue to tackle the business, organizational and individual challenges of the transition.


Issue 142

MY JOURNEY AS A COACH - One of LIM's founding partners, Tony Pearson from New York, shares extracts from an article of his personal reflections on what he has learned as a coach.

Issue 141

NORMS: RULES OF ENGAGEMENT - Ernie Turner, President of LIM LLC and Team Coach for over thirty years, says team coaches have many opportunities to help. He calls it "Gentle Interventions", the title of his upcoming book. This month we share with you one such intervention.


Issue 140

BECOMING AN ARL TEAM COACH, MY JOURNEY - Over the years LIM has developed a number of best practices, tools, concepts and processes that help teams improve their relationships and performance using Action Reflection Learning® principles. As internal HR, OD and Training and Learning professionals wanted to learn more, LIM developed an ARL® Team Coach Certification Program for internal coaches. This month we share with you the reflections of one such professional, who participated in a Certification Program in China.

Issue 131

TODAY I AM FEELING VERY GOOD / DEVELOPING TRUST - We continue sharing some real-life stories about team coaching.


Issue 130

TEAM CRISIS EVENT - The story of an unwanted, unplanned team crisis event that Isabel Rimanoczy experienced during a training session in Mexico, as part of the Team Coaching Certification program.

Issue 128

TEAM COACHING - In this issue, we interview Ernie Turner, one of the creators and developers of Team Coaching using Action Reflection Learning.


Issue 109

COACHING MODELS: A CULTURAL PERSPECTIVE - In this issue Tony Pearson, Senior Partner with LIM, interviews Diane Lennard, author of Coaching Models: A cultural perspective.

Issue 96

PEER GROUP COACHING: A STRATEGY TO MAKE YOUR MEETINGS MORE EFFECTIVE AND ENGAGING - Ernie Turner provides a creative approach to address pressing business issues by increasing engagement and maximizing the effectiveness of time spent meeting.

Issue 78 – February 2007

A COACHING SESSION - An edited transcription of a coaching session.

Issue 59* -- July 2005

The New Management Profile: The Leader Coach - In the mid '90s, LIM started developing a new profile: The Leader Coach, which combines the leadership role with the role of a coach.

Issue 45 -- May 2004

Self Coaching - Some time ago I was coaching an executive who was going through a transition. Due to a restructuring of his department, he was faced with having new members in his team, the mission of the team had changed – and the roles were in the process of being redesigned accordingly.


Issue 43 -- March 2004

Coaching Executives in your Organization - Selecting External Coaches and Ensuring ROI - Do you remember the time when a coach was someone who used to prod a sports team to victory? The person who would know exactly what each one team member had to do for the team to win? And do you remember when consultants started to offer their services in corporations, calling themselves "coaches" but then explaining how they were actually different from the coaches we all knew?

Issue 38* -- October 2003

Groups, Teams and Boundaries - Interaction is all there is" says the social scientist John Law. When coaching teams and solving problems and conflicts in groups I have found it most convenient and practical to look for remedies and openings not in systems and procedures, but in relationships.

Issue 17 -- January 2002

Coaching For Change

Issue 13 -- September 2001

Coaching A Coach

Power of Reflection

Issue 146

THE POWER OF REFLECTION - This month, we feature a preview of Ernie Turner's upcoming book, Gentle Interventions: Tools and Tips for Coaching Teams.

Issue 142*

MY JOURNEY AS A COACH - One of LIM's founding partners, Tony Pearson from New York, shares extracts from an article of his personal reflections on what he has learned as a coach.

Issue 125

MAKE IT DIFFERENT - Whether you are sentimental, reflective, or pragmatic, it is difficult to avoid having some special feelings around this time. What does it mean, to end a year?

Issue 30 -- February 2003

Reflective Practice - A Review of a Recent Article by Joseph Raelin


Issue 28 -- December 2002

The Power of One - reflections and questions on empowerment that address the impact that ‘powerful people’ have on our lives and the power that we have inside ourselves to make a difference in building high performing organizations.

Issue 16 -- December 2001

Time For Reflection

Innovation and Change

Issue 147 Nov 2012

Virtual Meetings -- They can be good

Issue 117

THE UNSEEN SLAVERY - Isabel Rimanoczy examines how technology, volume of work and left-brain prominence all come together to create a dangerous trap.

Issue 107

BUSINESS AS AN AGENT OF WORLD BENEFIT - Isabel Rimanoczy reports on the Global Forum 2009 of BAWB — Business as an Agent for World Benefit, held in June at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio (USA).

Issue 97

INNOVATION: DOES THE TAIL WAG THE DOG? - Innovation and creativity are two of the key competencies we need to develop to cope with our ever-changing context. In this issue we are sharing with you an article written by our colleague David Gleiser, LIM Associate and Learning Coach in Colombia.


Issue 87
MORE THAN JUST A MEETING - The upcoming publication of the bookAction Reflection Learning: Solving real business problems by connecting learning with earning, co-authored by Isabel Rimanoczy and Ernie Turner, provides an opportunity to show how ARL can be used to make meetings more effective.

Issue 75 – November 2006

OUR TECHNOWORLD: IN CONTROL OR CONTROLLED? - We share some perspectives about the impact of connectivity technology on our lives - the challenges, the demands, the possibilities.

Issue 58 -- June 2005

How Can I Achieve Cultural Change? - A recent case that reminded us of what makes implementation difficult, and what are some of the simple, obvious details that we should have anticipated.

Issue 56 -- April 2005

Successful Offsite Meetings  -  A short quiz (with answers) on the essential components for offsite meetings by author, Isabel Rimanoczy.


Issue 35 -- July 2003

The Change Cycle - we understand learning as a change of behaviors

Issue 22 -- June 2002

Polarity Management - Working with Dilemmas

Issue 14 -- October 2001

An Emerging HR ROLE: Becoming Business Partners

Issue 8 -- February 2000

Mergers, Mergers - More Mergers

Issue 6 -- May 1999

Mergers and Acquisitions

Global Crises and Challenges

Issue 106

THE RESCUE PACKAGE - The voices of several citizens articulating how they are dealing with the impact of the economic crisis inspired me to reflect on the Rescue Package, and to share my thoughts with you.


Issue 102

LAYOFFS AND CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - With news of layoffs numbering in the thousands daily on the radio and on TV, what meaning are we collectively making of this unprecedented situation?


Issue 101

THE SHIFT - In the midst of so much confusion, it's perhaps appropriate to step outside our daily concerns, and to try to take a more objective view of our predicament. What is the larger picture we are missing?


Issue 100

DELIBERATE SPEED - Two true stories about a process to solve a crisis.

Issue 95*


Issue 88

TIME TO GIVE - Isabel Rimanoczy's reflections go to giving. We hope this might lead to you finding ideas, inspiration, and passing them on to others.

Issue 77 – January 2007

CONFLICTS AND MEDIATION - This issue is dedicated to conflicts and the healing power of mediation


Miscellaneous Issues


Issue 165 May 2014

Inventing a Radical New Business Model


Issue 164 Apr 2014

The Three Questions of our Time


Issue 163 Mar 2014

Conscience Leaders Creating a New Model of Business


Issue 162 Feb 2014

How Illiterate are You?


Issue 161 Jan 2014

Stop Doing More and Better


Issue 160 Dec 2013

Principle-Powered Innovation


Issue 159 Nov 2013

Pace, Tasks, Time


Issue 158 Oct 2013

Developing People in Down Times -- Combine People Development with Business Development


Issue 157 Sept 2013

A New Opportunity for Engagement -- Connecting Purpose and Sustainability at Work


Issue 156 Aug 2013

Yin and Yang -- Striving for Sustainable Harmony in China


Issue 155 July 2013

WE ACT: Employees Engaging with the Community (A Univta Success Story)


Issue 154 June 2013

Birds and Teams


Issue 153 May 2013

Change Everything

Issue 135



Issue 119

GROSS NATIONAL HAPPINESS - In this issue we explore how the Kingdom of Bhutan could be having an impact on the well-being of citizens in Europe and the USA, and possibly also influence how individuals think, consume, and relate with their community.


Issue 116

ABOUT COOPERATION - Do you think cooperation is an old concept? Utopian? A common practice? A nice wish? Well there must be something in it, since while economics theory tends to focus on competition, scientist Elinor Ostrom received the 2009 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science for her writings about cooperation.


Issue 111



Issue 98



Issue 94

ABOUT COMPLAINING - Enjoy the exploration into the complex dynamics of complaining!


Issue 79 – March 2007

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY: CAN IT HELP? - In this issue we introduce Positive Psychology, a relatively new domain of behavioral sciences that focuses on individual well-being.

Issue 74 – October 2006

INTERACTIONS - This month we address the important topic of human interactions. How are we humans prepared to deal with others? How much do we know, what have we learned about our mechanisms for perceiving, organizing information, making meaning, reacting?

Issue 65 – January 2006

TWENTY YEARS OF EVENTS: Special Anniversary Issue - Anniversaries provide us with an opportunity to look back where we have been. As we did so this time, we thought of the major events that have occurred in the twenty years, since LIM's founding in January 1986.

Issue 63 -- November 2005

MENTORS: An Interview with Larry Daloz - In the second part of a two-part series, we interview the author, Larry Daloz, and capture other valuable insights from his experience as a mentor.


Issue 62 -- October 2005

MENTORS: When Adults Do More Than Learn - In the first part of a two-part series, we share an excerpt from the book Mentors, by Larry Daloz, giving a brief glimpse into adult learning and the role of a mentor in this journey.


Issue 52 -- December 2004

Ithaca: The Ultimate Goal - This story about Ithaca is a very old story, but is as valid today as it was at the time it was created.


Issue 51 -- November 2004

The Game We Play Without Knowing - In this month's issue we invite you to look at how a complaint can, in fact, be a helpful tool for gaining insight into one's deeply held assumptions.


Issue 37 -- September 2003

An Organizational Dilemma - In this issue we are introducing a new way to address leadership and business challenges: it is a fictional case, that presents an ethical dilemma, frequent in corporations. Three professionals give their comments and perspectives on this case, and we want to encourage you to share with us your own experiences or comments about similar situations.


Issue 34 -- June 2003

Notes from the International American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) Conference 2003


Issue 29 -- January 2003

Christmas: and a Story of Multi-cultural Sensitivity, Be your Best, Unlock Your Power, High Performers, Stop and Reflect, The Power of Feedback


Issue 27 -- November 2002

Are We a Learning Organization? From the work we’ve been doing what are we learning about becoming a Learning Organization?

Issue 26 -- October 2002

Ambiguity - The Number #1 Threat to Organizational Effectiveness


Issue 24 -- August 2002

Becoming a Learning Organization - What goes on in an organization that is constantly learning?


Issue 20 -- April 2002

The Heart of the Matter: Reflections on Leadership

ATD Article -- "Developing High Impact Teams"