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Group Coach Supervision Program
2024 Schedule

Monthly Sessions (1.5 hours in duration) -- conducted on the following days:



8 May

12 Jun

10 Jul

14 August 

11 Sep

9 October 

13 Nov

11 Dec

Time: 8 to 9:30 pm SG

Please send an email to to register.  Note dates that best meet your needs at this time.  The selected dates will remain tentative until final confirmation.

What is Coach supervision?


  • A reflective dialogue in a safe space to support the coach in their Practice, Development and Well Being (EMCC)

  • A reflective dialogue to help the coach to build the capacity & achieve mastery as a coach (ICF)


Why is Supervision needed by every coach?

Coaching Supervision is a dedicated space for a coach to spend time with a trained supervisor to derive one or more of the 3 benefits over a period of time: 


REVIEW -- How am I doing as a coach in service of my individual or team coaching clients?


REFINE -- How can I strengthen my coaching effectiveness and grow as a person?


RENEW -- How can I be re-energized from work and family challenges? 

How is Group Supervision conducted?

In our group supervision program, you will:

  • Participate as a small group (usually 3 to 4 coaches per group)

  • Each session will be led by a Certified Coaching Supervisor

  • There are 8 monthly sessions as noted above (to allow for some breaks).

  • During the session, participants will take turn to bring up a challenge on which they want to work. Through the reflective dialogue and engagements within the safe space that is co-created by the group, the participant will be able to make progress with the challenge.

  • Each session is 1.5 hours long and is conducted using Zoom.


Supervision Fees

  • The fee for group supervision is as follows:

    • US$1,200 for 8 sessions (total 12 hours)

    • US$600 for 4 sessions (total 6 hours)

  • Each group supervision session is 1.5 hours

  • For Individual Supervision sessions, the rate is US$2,000 for 10 hourly sessions

  • ICF members receive a 10% discount

  • TCCP Graduates will enjoy an additional 10% discount on the above fees.

Your Supervisors

Swee Heng photo Dec 2022.jpg

Tan Swee Heng, Singapore, MCC, Coach Supervisor, ICF Advanced Certification In Team Coaching (ACTC), Shared Leadership Team Coach, Qualified PCC Assessor


Tan Swee Heng is the Head of the Shared Leadership Team Coaching Academy & Global Program Director of LIM. He is a Master Certified Coach, Coach Supervisor and is qualified as a PCC Assessor. Swee Heng has more than 3,000 coaching hours. In the last 12 years, coached leaders at all levels in Asia Pacific, Europe and US, from senior executives and senior leadership teams to team leads across industries. He is the current Chair for the ICF Singapore Team Coaching Community of Practice. He is also a member of the Governing Council of the Singapore Institute of Management Society.

In terms of his grounding, Swee Heng had been practicing leadership and management for 31 years in 3 large organizations, working in the management, operations and human capital functions with positions such as the Asia Pacific Human Resource Director and a member of the Regional Management Board.


Swee Heng has published a book “Coaching In The Moment” — How busy leaders can make more impact with less time”. He is currently co-authoring with Ernie Turner a book entitled “Shared Leadership Disciplines – A better way to lead and coach.”

Swee Heng enjoys morning runs and cooking healthy meals for his family.

Eleanor Alandy, Chicago, USA, MA. Organizational Psychology, MA, Organization Development, Certified Coach Supervisor Executive Coach, Shared Leadership Team Coach, Leadership Development Consultant

Eleanor Alandy assumed senior leadership positions in Talent Management/Organization and Leadership Development across several industries such as financial services, executive education, consumer goods, and electronic communications in the US, Philippines, and Singapore.  She has served thousands of leaders at the executive level as well as high potential senior business leaders in the US, Asia Pacific Region, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Latin America in executive coaching, leadership development, team coaching, and coach supervision. She brings with her solid international experience and expertise and educational background combined with her ability and her passion for continuous learning and thought leadership in her field of expertise.


In her coaching and supervision practice, Eleanor nurtures and upholds the integrity, personal efficacy and wholeness of the leader/coach/team as they in turn nurture the growth, development and learning of the people and organization they lead and serve.  Eleanor is known for her over 20 years of commitment and contribution in “growing leaders/teams who grow the business and the community” and in serving as a “catalyst for their growth by co-creating the space for reflection and learning.”


Eleanor’s passion revolves around her 3C’s – coaching, cooking, and connecting.  At the core of her lifework is her family who means the world to her.

Eleanor Alandy.png
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