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​We provide four (4) core services and they all support our goal of developing leaders and teams.  Those services are:
























Team and Leadership Development -- We do this by focusing on the complete organization -- individual as a person, individual as a professional, team, the business and the entire organization (including culture).

Skills Training/Building -- For those individuals who would like to develop skills to be professional learning coaches using our ARL (Action-Reflection-Learning) methodology, please visit our training site (English only) -- 

Other Specific Workshops


  1. Sales Workshop: This is for Sales Teams who are interested in understanding what they do when they are at their best.

  2. Consulting Workshop: LIM has developed an approach to consulting that we use with all our work.

  3. Organizational Alignment: We help organizations become learning organizations knowing that when an organization stops learning it will soon stop earning.

  4. Performance to Profits: This workshop helps clients address real business and organizational challenges while learning what drives peak performance and what erodes it.

  5. Crisis Workshop: This two-day workshop is designed to help a team, functional or cross-functional group address a real organization or business crisis.

  6. Engagement Workshop: This one-day workshop is based on the notion that if an organization could increase the level of engagement for all employees by just a little bit it would have a dramatic impact on the bottom line.

  7. Peer Learning: This half-day workshop provides theory and practice on a very simple yet powerful learning process that gives an individual an opportunity to ask for Help and receive it in a non-defensive environment.

  8. Moon Shot: This 1.5-day workshop is designed to help any company’s leadership team stretch beyond what they think is possible in terms of their financial targets.

  9. Diversity & Inclusion Workshop: This 1-day workshop will help a cross-section of any company tap into its own inner sense of what needs to happen within their company in the arena of Diversity and Inclusion

  10. Learning Retreat: This 1.5-Day retreat is designed for corporate, governmental and community leaders who simply need to step out of their busy day-to-day activities and get centered and connected with other leaders – addressing common issues and questions that concern them

Our Global Teams


LIM is organized with headquarters in the Miami, Florida area of the USA.  We have regional offices, certified coaches or business development representatives  in the following areas:

​             USA                        Mexico                           Romania

The Philippines                     Colombia            


Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok          

Learn more about these teams by clicking the countries that are underlined.  Those sites are in the country language

News, Conferences & Publications

Upcoming in 2019

LIM is pleased to announce several new Team Coach Certification Programs (TCCP) beginning around the globe:

Tentative dates and locations are as follows:

  • Coming Later

More information can be found on our training site located at 

Our Expertise


Helping you find Solutions to your Organizational & Business Challenges.  Those challenges typically include the following:

-- Reducing Cost

-- Increasing Revenue

-- Enpowering Teams

-- Transitional Change

-- Cultural Misalignment

-- Transformational Change