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Leadership in Motion Malaysia
(A LIM LLC Global Partner)
cordially invites you to an evening of learning about




White Structure

With Ernie Turner, President of LIM LLC

and to the launching of the book

"Shared Leadership Disciplines: A Better Way To Lead & Coach"


Ernie Turner & Tan Swee Heng

Swee Heng photo Dec 2022.jpg

Personal Invitation

A Personal Invitation from LIM's President:

Dear _______ ...

Personal greetings and I hope all is well with you. I have wonderful news.


You can continue to unlock the full potential of your own team and organization with Shared Leadership. As a result, you will witness increased productivity, performance and outcomes that matter - the transformation of your people and your business. YES, this is possible, and we want to support you, your own team and the teams of the other companies in your network.

The purpose of our Shared Leadership Workshop on October 18th is very simple – support you to inspire, equip and empower your leadership team so they, in turn, will transform the rest of your organization. So what will this transformation look like? Meetings become magic. Work becomes meaningful. Team members become engaged. Everyone’s voice is heard. The increased sharing of power (decision-making) will create an inspiring and safe environment for team members to speak up, step up and do more for the team and for each other with a greater sense of purpose and good process – knowing how everyone adds value.

Any leader desiring a higher performing team must develop the capability to engage and draw out the expertise and energy from everyone in his or her organization, especially, the high percentage of employees who are disengaged or actively disengaged.

For almost 4 decades as you know, we have partnered with our clients in transforming their people and businesses to thrive in an increasingly complex world by adopting 5 Shared Leadership Disciplines (SLDs). They have achieved and sustained tangible and measurable ROI and more importantly a culture of engagement.

The world needs a new leadership paradigm: Shared Leadership. This paradigm is very different from the Pyramid Paradigm – basically, Command and Control: “Do what I Say or the Highway!” Command and Control is based on fear and the notion that power cannot be shared and people basically lookout only for themselves. Shared Leadership is based on the notion that every voice matters and that influence and power can be shared. Everyone’s ideas, questions, offers and requests are heard. The underlying assumption is that together we can do much more than we could individually and have more fun. Silos are OUT. Collaboration is IN. We want to help you create a culture of TGIT (Thank God It’s Today) instead of TGIF (Thank God It's Friday). We know this is possible. We have seen it happen. 

The TIME for Shared Leadership is NOW! Come join us on October 18th to understand how SLD can create an empowering culture of learning and earning. Registration links are in the attached flyers. We will have a book launch of the latest book I co-authored, Shared Leadership Disciplines: A Better Way to Lead and Coach, beginning at 5:30 the same day.

We look forward to seeing you and enjoying your participation along with other members of your extensive network. If you're able to get 5 others from either your team or your network to sign up you can come for free. In fact, my belief is that most if not all of the Malaysian companies in your network are already members of HRDC and therefore, most of your costs should be covered by them.

Stay well. We hope to see you soon. And please get back to GB, our Program Director, with any questions you might have. I've cc'd him in on this note. 

Warm regards,

Ernie Turner


Date: Wednesday, 18 October 2023


Venue: Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur. 2, Jalan Sultan Ismail. KL. 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



An Exclusive In-Person Event to

Discover the advantages of Shared Leadership


Gain insights into transforming your team towards higher performance

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